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Robot fall down. Me sad :(
By CNE, Archived in Robots

"The second you get this handbag wet, it metamorphoses into an obnoxious, anarchic monster that has no intention of dutifully holding your change purse or your Kotex while you sip a Mojito, and must eventually be pureed to death in a blender by your mom." Handbags of Horror
By SMF, Archived in Design,

I still care that the White Stripes are going to be on the Simpsons this fall. Over exposure, shmover exposure, I still think they're super awesome. Bonus below; the Raconteurs new video, set at a school for suspiciously good looking, deaf, teenaged girls.
By SMF, Archived in Music

File under "Vitriolic Correspondence"
By JFB, Archived in Humor

What kind of genius are you?
By GMH, Archived in Culture

Not Lincoln, but still.

By JFB, Archived in Humor

In my previous Lincoln-centric post, not sure how I missed this one.
By JFB, Archived in Lincoln

Spore from Will Wright of Sims fame is going to be the most amazing video game ever! You evolve a species from a single celled organism all the way through interstellar travel!
By CNE, Archived in Innovation

I'm thinkin' Lincoln!
By JFB, Archived in Lincoln

Much of the hoopla over creativity is a crock. Why? Because we are already up to our eyeballs in it. Maybe creativity isn't as awesome as we think.
By JFB, Archived in Innovation

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